Fish Oil Supplement May Not Reduce Heart Disease Risk

Fish-Oil-SupplementPublished in the New England Journal of Medicine yesterday, a study has found that the fish oil supplement doesn't reduce the risk of heart disease or death in patients at higher risk of suffering from the heart disease.

The study results were based on 12,513 patients with multiple cardiovascular risk factors or evidence of heart disease. These patients had no history of heart attacks. The recruited people were randomly given either 1 gram per day of n-3 fatty acids (fish oil) or an olive oil placebo.

It was then found that after five years, 11.7% of the patients consuming fish oil were either hospitalized or died due to heart disease. However, the number was found to be 11.9% among the patients those were treated with placebo.

"On the basis of the results, we conclude that there was no significant benefit of n-3 fatty acids in reducing the risk of death from cardiovascular causes or hospital admission for cardiovascular causes", the researchers affirmed.

But the study confirmed that daily use of fish oil supplement caused considerable reduction in triglycerides, a type of fat found in the blood which is known to be to have a negative effect on heart health. The study was carried out in
2010 in Italy.