Pollution Aggravates Diabetes Risk in Children

Pollution Aggravates Diabetes Risk in ChildrenAs per a new study, children who are exposed to the traffic pollution to an excessive level are under greater threat of suffering from the problem of diabetes.

The study was conducted by researchers from Germany. The study was conducted on a total of 400 children in the tenth year of their age.

The researchers searched for the measures to the nearest road to the location, where every child lived since he was a baby. The blood sugar and insulin level of each child were also taken in the account.

The measurement of the level of insulin was beneficial in deriving the level of resistance from the insulin in each child. It also suggested the grade up till which the body was unsuccessful in responding to the hormone insulin.

The body insulin is utilized by the body for the conversion of the blood sugar into energy. It was suggested that at a time when the resistance from the insulin reaches a certain level, it can outcomes in the symptom of type 2 diabetes.

The researchers also detected a connection between the between contact to air pollution and hiked level of insulin resistance.

However, only a connection cannot be termed as an evidence of a direct impact of the same.  It was suggested that the life near by a busy road means the child is living in an urban environment that could suggest a number of factor other than the air pollution. These factors may include affecting levels of insulin resistance.