Young Blood may Prevent Failure of Old Hearts

Young Blood may Prevent Failure of Old HeartsThe Daily Mail has claimed that a new study has found a "Vampire treatment that rejuvenates ageing heart". The study was aimed to figure out possible ways to treat age-related cardiac hypertrophy.

The researchers said the most common form of heart failure is not caused by heart attacks but because of heart aging. The muscles of the heart become thickened with age and eventually lead to corresponding decrease in functioning disability.

The study, published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal: Cell, was conducted on mice. The researchers joined the blood circulation of pairs of young and old mice. They observed the effects on the animal's heart muscle a month later.

The findings revealed that old mice that shared blood with young mice had reduced levels of cardiac hypertrophy than a similar mice not treated with young blood.

The researchers suggested that this could have been the result of a chemical called growth differentiation factor 11. The percentage of the chemical was high in the blood of young mice, which may have repaired damaged tissues.

"We further found that when we supplemented the low levels of this substance that were present in old animals to the levels normally seen in youth, this could have a dramatic effect on the heart", said Amy Wagers, a stem cell biologist and lead researcher of the study.