Canada to have National Prescription Drug Drop-off Day on May 11

Canada to have National Prescription Drug Drop-off Day on May 11As per recent reports, it has been revealed that Public Safety Canada has been asking Canadians to take part in National Prescription Drug Drop-off Day.

Public Safety Canada has urged Canadians to come to designated places on May 11 and dispose off unwanted drugs and unused prescription drugs, so that these drugs do not fall in the wrong hands.

Health Minister Leona Agukklaq said that when addicts looks for drugs they do not search markets or other areas, but medicine cabinets or places where medicines are kept in homes.

A number of times, they consume drugs, which are expired ones and its consumption can even cost their lives. Therefore, taking part in the event can save a life of their dear ones.

Leona was of the view that their one of the biggest aims of the event is to bring a decline in the volume of prescription drugs misuse. In addition, the event will also help to raise awareness among people that accidental consumption of these drugs can even cost their lives.

"I've heard heartbreaking stories of abuse and addiction. Our government has listened and we are taking action", said Leona. Leona has henceforth urged people to take part in the event.