Doctors Being Replaced by Nurses at Night GP service

Doctors Being Replaced by Nurses at Night GP serviceAs per claims, an out-of-hours GP service is letting senior nurses take over patients' cases during the hours when doctors cannot be recruited to work in shifts. The GP service concerned covers 250,000 patients.

The firm in questions is Harmoni. It was claimed that the firm employs senior nurses to work for an eight-hour overnight shifts. This shift covers an area of up to 150 square miles.

A whistleblower said some times during the times of massive shortage of the staff, there have only been one senior nurse practitioner working overnight in North Somerset.

It was suggested that the locum doctors has been flying on easy Jet from Europe or driving back from other parts of Britain to conduct back-to-back shifts round-the-clock. Some of the terminally ill patients of cancer have also waited for long hours for the doctor to visit their home and help them get rid of the pain.

The doctors who are bad at grasping the English language were also applied in capping the gaps of rota. One of the sources said working with the firm was just like sitting back with a gun, which is loaded, as at some time or the other, the situations are going to turn unsafe and it's going to go off. Sources said patient care is being compromised with along with employee care at the firm.