More Amounts of Oxygen Help to Develop Premature Babies Better: Study

More Amounts of Oxygen Help to Develop Premature Babies Better: StudyAs per a new international study done by researchers from Christchurch which involved University of Otago, premature born babies if given more amount of oxygen then to the normal level, they are more likely to survive and are less likely to have problems related to vision of neural development. The study was done with an aim of saving the lives of premature babies.

For the study, the researchers analyzed data of 5,000 babies who were born minimum of 12 weeks premature from the countries including New Zealand, Australia and England, in which New Zealand being the maximum contributor. The study began from the year 2006 and checked for the affects of level of oxygen on those babies.

Brian Darlow, one of the lead researchers of the study, who is from Christchurch campus of Otago University, was quoted as saying, "This is important information because many doctors were favoring lower targets in an attempt to prevent problems of higher oxygen, including serious problems with later vision. But the eye disease can be quite successfully treated".

Darlow also admitted that even if the correct amount of oxygen is not known that how much is better for the child yet, but if it got determined, this work of researchers expect to change the practice of healthcare worldwide.