Charity Breast Cancer UK Calls to Ban Use of BPA in Food and Drinks

Charity Breast Cancer UK Calls to Ban Use of BPA in Food and DrinksA call for urgent action has been made by charity Breast Cancer UK. The charity claims it has compelling evidence which reveals that Bisphenol A (BPA) can be the reason of increasing cases of diagnosis of breast cancer.

The charity explains that the number of new cases per year has reached the mark of 42,000, which indicated an increase of 90% since 1971. The results of a new report discloses that the chemicals that are used in consumer goods like tin cans, plastic food packaging, water bottles and lunch boxes on routine basis are the chemicals that are prescribed to work as human hormones in their body. And these dummy hormones are leading to various diseases including breast cancer.

The charity urges to ban these chemicals from all packed food and drinks. The report of the charity suggests that the Food Standard Agency of UK claims that BPA is safe assuming that its usage is low and humans discard it from their body.

It added, "In reality, it remains unclear exactly how much BPA we as humans are exposed to on a daily basis. Tests reveal that our daily exposure could be as much as eight times more than the so-called 'safe' limit".