Greater Level of Oxygen Linked with Better for premature babies

Greater Level of Oxygen Linked with Better for premature babiesAn international study is expected to alter the available treatments for the premature babies in hospitals all around the world. It was conducted by the researchers from the University of Otago.

The study considered the data of 5000 babies in New Zealand, England and Australia. Half of them were the babies from New Zealand that were born at least 12 weeks premature.

The study was initiated in 2006 and it concentrated on the health impacts of oxygen levels on the babies.

One of the main authors of the study, Brian Darlow of Otago University's Christchurch campus said that extra amount of oxygen is required by premature babies for many weeks after their birth. However, the adequate amount of oxygen is yet unknown.

He said that the hospitals have conventionally treated such babies with a lesser amount of oxygen. However, the study suggested that the babies who were granted with a higher amount of oxygen have better results.

Dr. Darlow said that the premature babies who are availed with the greater amount of oxygen have a greater rate of survival. The rates of threats of vision ailments and neural development problems reduced in such babies.

It is being suggested that the recommendations, provided by the study will be adapted widely, all around the globe.