Connection between Kidney problems and traffic fumes

Connection between Kidney problems and traffic fumesA new study conducted by the researchers of US suggested that people who live nearby the road may have an increase risk of kidney problems.

The researchers conducted the research on 1,100 patients and concluded that the traffic pollution can result in a severe harm to the arteries that supply the kidneys.

The experts have already derived the fact that a longer exposure to the exhaust fumes hikes up the risk of getting affected by the vascular diseases such as heart attacks and stroke.

The author of the study, Dr. Murray Mittleman, and his colleagues at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston assessed the function using a determined the test for the glomerular filtration rate (GFR).

The GFR is a highlighter of the better working of the kidney. Lower the level of GFR suggests major kidney problems.

Half of the subjects of the study resides 1km of a major road in the Boston metropolitan region, while the rest lived between 1km and 10km, which was six miles away.

It was concluded that those subjects who lived major road had the reduced GFR, even after considering the factors such as the age, sex, race, smoking and other fundamental medical conditions.

The variations between these patients and those who lived far away from the traffic pollution was in a comparison with a reduction in GFR related with being four years older.