Artificial Adhesive-Based Eyelashes can be Problematic

Artificial Adhesive-Based Eyelashes can be ProblematicHealth problems caused due to adhesive cosmetics has become quite a hot topic for discussion in media for some time now. It has been seen that more number of girls have been falling in love with cosmetic eyelash extensions, which gives Bambi effect.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) has explained the problem by affirming that eyelash extensions contains glue and other chemicals, which can lead to infection in cornea and eyelid. If infection takes place then it can cause loss of eyelashes and in severe cases, eyelid swelling.

The organization has also cited an article, which reveals about a case in which patients have suffered allergic reactions to formaldehyde-based adhesives that are being used in the extensions.

Not only this, it has also been found that false eyelashes can become home to bacteria and will further cause eye irritation. Experts said that when artificial eyelashes are removed then there is a risk that natural eye lashes can be pulled along.

Therefore, if one wants to use the same then as per the AAO, buy the product from certified aesthetician and adopt proper hand wash and hygiene before applying the same. If then also infection develops, immediately contact doctor.