Iodine Deficiency in Mother May Lower IQ of Child

IodineAs per a study published in Lancet, intellect of those newborns in the UK can get hampered whose mother while pregnancy was suffering with mild iodine deficiency.

The researchers got these results by involving 1,000 families, which showed that the mothers having too little iodine while pregnancy have pupils whose IQ and reading scores were low.

The researchers thus suggest women who are in the child bearing age should maintain their iodine levels by consuming products like dairy products and fish, but also warned women not to consume seaweed pills as they contain too much of iodine.

Further research done by researchers from Surrey and Bristol Universities showed that the efficiency of iron among pregnant women is common. The researchers got these results after they looked at the urine samples of pregnant women from south-west England. They also noticed that children of these women suffer with slightly lower IQ at the age of eight and lacks reading abilities at the age of 9.

Dr. Sarah Bath said in a statement, "We saw a three-point IQ difference between children who were born to mothers with low iodine in early pregnancy and children who were born to mothers above the cut-off". The advice in the same concern has been put on the website of British Dietetic Association.