Cold, Rainy Day could Increase Blood Pressure and Even Kill

Cold, Rainy Day could Increase Blood Pressure and Even KillA cold and rainy day can cause potentially deadly changes in blood pressure and can even kill. A new research has shown that blood pressure in many people varies with temperature and a drop in mercury could be damaging.

Gradually, these fluctuations raise the odds of dying by more than a third. The Glasgow University study found that lack of sunshine and inches of rain can also take their toll. The findings suggested that the blood vessels near the surface are known to narrow in cold weather in order to conserve heat, which increases blood pressure.

Changes in blood pressure lead the body to come under strain, and thus increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Researchers suggested doctors to consider weather conditions while measuring blood pressure of patients. This would certainly help doctors to determine which patients are sensitive to it and then they could adjust their treatment accordingly.

A Blood Pressure UK spokesman said, "It is really interesting to know there may be a relationship between the weather and blood pressure; more research is needed to understand the potential mechanisms behind this".

He, however, said until a technology is developed to control the weather, people can rely on more traditional ways of controlling blood pressure, like eating more vegetables, less salt and alcohol, and more exercises.