PSTD May Be Cured With Cannabis, Research

PSTD May Be Cured With Cannabis, ResearchAccording to an East Bay Express report, a study has found that the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD) may be cured with help of marijuana.

The research is being conducted by a researcher at the Yale University.  He has recruited 120 people with the condition to find out if marijuana can help cure the disorder.

R.  Andrew Sewell, the Researcher, says that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) helps the brain to grab new information. THC is an active ingredient present in cannabis.  It also helps the people with the condition to forget the old information.

Sewell calls it extinction learning and it is enhanced by the activation of CB1 present in brain.  He says that cannabis is very good activator of the same.  He affirmed that after the treatment is over, no drugs would be required including cannabis.

The study has avowed that PSTD and major depression increases the chances of a person at a risk of committing suicide.  If Person suffering from PSTD faces any trauma in childhood, it may cause him to suffer from nightmares, flashbacks and social withdrawal.

"PTSD can be devastating.  It's a critical issue that needs to be discussed often, so the thousands of vets affected by this illnesses can learn how to cope with it", said Steve Kroft, the Host of a special radio programme explaining impact of PSTD.