Pornography May Lead to Violent Behaviour Among Teenage Boys

Pornography May Lead to Violent Behaviour Among Teenage Boys   Pornography is said to be associated with risky sexual behaviour among teenage boys, as per a study. The Office of the Children's Commissioner has found that internet has given an easy access to teenage boys to assume girls as sex objects.

Moreover, viewing of hardcore porn makes boys especially teenagers sexually aggressive. The study has demanded attention from ministers, schools as well as from parents. The study has found that many children do have an access to explicit images and videos.

The study has also pointed out that schools have been focusing on providing knowledge on mechanics of sex. The study researchers have criticized the same and have affirmed that importance should be given to loving relationships.

Moreover, primary school children should be made aware about good and bad touch. Experts said that a number of parents disconnect internet connection on knowing that their children might have an access to such things.

But as per experts this act will increase the urge of children to view such sites. "We are living at a time when violent and sadistic imagery is readily available to very young children... for years we have applied age restrictions to films at the cinema", said Maggie Atkinson, Children's commissioner for England.