UK Charity Stands Against Malnutrition

UK Charity Stands Against MalnutritionUK Charity `Save the Children' has once again raised its flag against malnutrition. In its recent report, the charity has highlighted the shocking effects of malnutrition upon children and their performances in school.

Officials from the charity have clearly mentioned in their report that a quarter of the world's children are presently standing at high risks of underperforming at school, reason behind being the chronic malnutrition.

They explained that a majority of children are not being served with a nutritious diet, which they fear, could severely damage their abilities to read and write, eventually affecting their performances at school.

A study has also presented its findings about the health problem and its effects. Malnourishment affects a child with several irreversible damages like they grow up smaller and weaker, and their brains do not develop fully, point the findings.

The charity is advising the G8 leaders to tackle malnutrition as a priority issue. The topic will also be discussed in the next meet of leaders scheduled in Northern Ireland next month.

The report named `Food for Thought' is the conclusion of several studies that have been so far run upon thousands of children in Ethiopia, India, Peru and Vietnam and their health.