Regulator Monitor would Review Closure of Walk-In Centers

Regulator Monitor would Review Closure of Walk-In CentersAs the closure of NHS walk-in centers has become common these days, health officials have said they will review and assess the situation. The high-profile closures have included two London-based centers in Tooting and Victoria.

The review would be done with an intention of checking whether the closures are conducive to the health and interest of patients. Now, the new Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) would be responsible for lending help and care in urgent situations.

Director of the NHS Confederation's NHS Partners Network, David Worskett is positive about the review. He highlighted that the closure would have resulted in an increased demand on A&E services. There is no account of the number of closures in recent times.

Catherine Davies, executive director of co-operation and competition at Monitor, said, "Walk-in centers are very popular with patients and the potential impact of such closures at a local and national level needs to be better understood".

She said knowing the reason behind the closures is important. Even assessing the patient's choice and competition at this point is important. Some websites have stated that these centers were walk-in-choices and provided complementary services to the conventional GP and A&E services.