Healthier Lifestyle Behaviour Related to Better Self-Perceived Memory Abilities

Healthier Lifestyle Behaviour Related to Better Self-Perceived Memory AbilitiesAs per a poll carried out by UCLA researchers and the Gallup organization, it has been revealed that healthier lifestyle leads to fewer complaints about memory issues.

A nationwide poll was carried out in which more than 18,500 individuals took part. Their average age was between 18 and 99, said Dr. Gary Small, study's first author from UCLA Longevity Center.

Questions were based on their memory as well as on their health habits. Some of the many questions were with regard to their smoking habits, if they do so, and exercise regime. Questions about their daily diet were also asked.

After assessing the results, researchers got predictable results that those, who practice healthy behaviour were having no issues about memory problems.

Some of the things that got revealed in the survey result and were not expected at all were elderly (60 to 99 year age group) were more likely to practice healthy behaviors than middle age group and youngsters group.

"These findings reinforce the importance of educating young and middle-aged individuals to take greater responsibility for their health - including memory - by practicing positive lifestyle behaviors earlier in life", said Dr Small, Professor of psychiatry and biobehavioral sciences in the university.