Nissan temporarily pulls off its Facebook ads over content issues

Nissan-FacebookAutomaker Nissan has pulled its ads from the Facebook site because of content issues. The ads were apparently appearing on pages of the popular social network alongside offensive content, especially content which encouraged violence towards women.

The move by Nissan to pull its Facebook ads follows a similar move by some other companies of late, amid apprehensions that the appearance of their ads by the side of offensive content may prove to be detrimental in a number of ways.

The removal of Facebook ads by Nissan and other companies was prompted by protests from a group of women activists who spotted the offensive pages and launched a campaign against them. In their protest against offensive content, the activist group sent a total of over 5,000 communications to several Facebook advertisers whose ads featured on the offensive-content pages.

About Nissan's move of temporarily removing its Facebook ads, the automaker's spokesman David Reuter said that his company had decided to stop its ads on the social network for the time being, till the site gives the automaker the assurance that its ads will not be appear on pages which feature objectionable and offensive content.

Noting that Nissan plans to work with Facebook to resolve the content issue, Reuter told The Times: "I expect we will work through those specific challenges quite quickly."