Tamoxifen for Over Five Years Cuts Risk of Dying from Cancer

Tamoxifen-logoA group of surveyors from Cancer Research UK recently presented the results of their latest study at the ASCO Annual Meeting in Chicago, in Illinois, USA. The team said that tamoxifen, if taken by survivors, for ten continuous years, could help them cut their risk by 50% of faing death due to estrogen receptor positive breast cancer.

Patients of estrogen receptor positive breast cancer, who were on tamoxifen for more than five years, had less chances of suffering cancer recurrence. They also were less likely to die from the deadly illness, the report said.

The study dubbed "aTTom" included a total of 6,953 adult females having breast cancer. Of them, 580 from 3,468 patients took the therapy for ten years, while 672 from 3,485 patients took the same for five years. As per the findings, the recommended period for tamoxifen at present is five years.

The researchers noted that the 10-year tamoxifen group had 23% fewer deaths and had fewer breast cancer recurrences as well.

"These results are important as they establish that giving tamoxifen for longer than the current standard of five years significantly cuts the risk of breast cancer returning", said the University of Birmingham's Dr. Daniel Rea.