Narcissistic men Able to Attract Women’s Attention

Narcissistic men Able to Attract Women’s AttentionAs per a study that is going to be published in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, it has been revealed that narcissistic men have an upper edge when it comes to attract women.

The study was carried out by a group of researchers from Humboldt University, Berlin. Lead researcher Michael Dufner said that they enrolled 61 young men for the experiment. They paid each of them 35 to approach 25 women.

One of the differences in study researchers thought process was that they considered narcissism as a personality trait and not as any disorder. When test results were assessed, it was found that the narcissists were able to approach more women than other men.

After getting to know the above mentioned finding, the study researchers examined the entire situation. Dufner said that after analyzing the entire situation, they came up with certain points that might have worked in the benefit of narcissistic men.

Some of the many factors can be that these men are physically more attractive and have social boldness. "People who are convinced of their own greatness often, at least at first, convince us", said experts.

It shall also be noted that narcissistic men might appeal great in first few dates. With passage of time, things seem to get on negative path as narcissistic men are weak in forming intimate bonds.