Breastfeeding Found to Enhance Brain Development, Study

Breastfeeding Found to Enhance Brain Development, StudyA recent study from the Brown University claims that breastfeeding enhances the development of brain in babies. It asserted that breastfeeding alone was better brain booster than that combined with formula.

The research used baby-friendly magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to arrive at the conclusions. Babies below the age of four were analyzed by the researchers.  It emerged that babies below two years of age, who were exclusively given breast milk for a minimum three months, exhibited improvement in main parts of the brain.

Also, it was learnt that improvement in these babies outlasted that of those who were either fed with formula or a combination of formula and breast milk.  The research avowed that extra growth was confined to the areas of brain that were linked to cognitive functioning, emotional functioning and language.

This is for the first time that any imaging study has scrutinized the differences in the brains of babies linked to breastfeeding.

"We wanted to see how early these changes in brain development actually occur.  We show that they're there almost right off the bat", said Sean Deoni, an Assistant Professor of engineering at Brown and the Lead Author of the study.

Specifically, the findings averred that the babies who were breastfed showed fastest growth in myelinated white matter.  It is the tissue that helps the parts of brain to communicate.