Gynecologists at BMI Healthcare Back Cervical Screening Awareness Week

Gynecologists at BMI Healthcare Back Cervical Screening Awareness WeekTo be observed from June 9 to June 15 this year, the Cervical Screening Awareness Week is aimed at making sure that all women undergo smear tests.

The move is being backed by the consultant gynecologists at BMI Healthcare as they are focused at raising awareness among the community about cervical cancer. Data has suggested that about 20% of women don't undergo cervical screening.

Data asserted that about 750 women die from cervical cancer across England annually. And, it is learnt that most of the women who suffer from the disease are the one who don't undergo screening regularly and it is emerging as the biggest risk for disease development.

"Cervical cancer is a preventable disease. The signs that it may develop can be often be spotted early and it can be treated before it even fully starts", said Miss Sally Watkinson, a Consultant Gynecologist at BMI Healthcare.

Cervical Screening Test is generally known as smear test. It is a method to determine abnormal cells in the cervix that are likely to develop into cancerous ones. This test is not for cancer check rather it is to assess the condition of cells of the cervix.

The gynecologists across the country are urging the women to take up the tests in the week as they are important for early detection and prevention of cervical cancer.