Increasing Pollen Increases Hay Fever Risk

Increasing Pollen Increases Hay Fever RiskPollen experts have gotten concerned that this summer could prove worsening in a very long time for hay fever patients. The reason behind the same is the increase in pollen noted after long winters followed by singeing summers.

It is being said that the increasing pollen is likely to result in almost double the number of hay fever sufferers. The number could touch 31.8 million in the UK by the arrival of 2030.

Thus, before one thinks of visiting a chemist, some suggestions have been provided so as to avoid or reduce symptoms such as itchy eyes and sneezing.

Pharmacist and Lloyds pharmacy's hay fever expert, Louise Baglole, said people should first of all try to remain inside while there is high pollen count. In case, it is urgent to go outside, regular vacuum and showering after returning could help cut the effect by exposure to pollen.

Secondly, people are being recommended to rub Vaseline into the lower nostrils so that symptoms such as runny eyes and blocked ears could be prevented. Wearing glasses could help reduce itchiness in eyes.

Besides, it has been affirmed that car windows should be kept closed. Instead, air conditioning should be turned on. Further, stress should not be given a chance. One should eat as well as sleep well. However, some foods like stoned fruits, apples, tomatoes and celery should not be eaten, said the report.