World’s Largest Solar Boat Sets for World Tour

Solar-Powered-ShipPlanet Solar introduced the World's largest solar-powered ship at the HDW Shipyard in Kiel, Germany on Thursday. The Ship would be powered by about 38,000 solar cells for gaining a top speed of 9 mph without causing any pollution. The ship is a classic example of much hyped green energy initiatives aimed to mitigate carbon emission and reducing ever increasing pollution.

The ship, weighing in at 60 tons and over 100 ft long, has been designed using cutting edge technology for offering an impressive efficiency rate of 22 per cent without burning any fuel and causing air pollution. The ship, able to capture over 100 kw of energy, has been equipped with a highly efficient engine which needs just 20 kw of driving power.

The ship costing around $24 million is a brain child of Swiss man named Raphael Domjan who with one other famous French mariner Gérard d'Aboville would start the World's journey.

Raphael Domjan who is also CEO of PlanetSolar, was excited to see his dream turning in to reality. He added, "As we embark on the next phase of this project, we look forward to our around-the-world trip, and are confident that Sun Power's proven technology will get us there."