Ötzi the Iceman Likely Died of Brain Bruising, Says Report

mummy-Ötzi-IcemanA recent report has hinted that Europe's oldest mummy, Ötzi the Iceman, had seemingly suffered a head injury before his death back some 5,300 years.

The mummy's brain tissue's new protein analysis has hinted the same. Ötzi is one of those ancient human specimens, which have been studied the most. It has been found that the discovery of the Ötzi's well-preserved frozen body in 1991 in the Alps by a pair of hikers triggered the same.

The report uncovered that mummy has got his last meal, his face and clothing as well as genome reconstructed. All these elements contribute to Ötzi's picture. He appears as a 45-year-old tattooed and hide-wearing agriculturalist in the same.

It seems as if the mummy was a native of Central Europe and moreover, he was a patient of heart disease. Also, he had tooth decay problem, joint pain and possibly Lyme disease. However, these did not contribute to his death.

The corpse's pinhead-sized samples of brain tissue were examined, which showed traces of clotted blood cells. These suggested that Ötzi had bruising in his brain before he died.

"Investigating mummified tissue can be very frustrating. The samples are often damaged or contaminated and do not necessarily yield results, even after several attempts and using a variety of investigative methods", said the European Academy of Bolzano/Bozen's (EURAC) microbiologist, Frank Maixner.