Woman from Pennsylvania Drinks Half Gallon of Human Blood a Month

Julia-CaplesA care worker from Pennsylvania is so vampire-obsessed that she drinks at least half a gallon of live human blood every month. Julia Caples is a mother of two children and she said blood consumption makes her feel young and vigorous.

Julia, 45, gets the blood from willing donors that she meets at her local occult and oddities store. She makes sure that they undergo blood tests for HIV and AIDS before taking them to her Wilkes Barre home. She then cuts them with a sterilized knife there.

She said her interest in blood began during her first kiss, when she bit her boyfriend's lips. The interest remained throughout her teens. She later met with now ex-husband Donald Lazarowicz, 49, and both began to drink from each other.

They had a vampire-themed wedding in October 2000. They also meet other blood lovers at clubs in New York.

Lazarowicz, however, broke the habit after they had their son Alexei. The Mirror reported Julia Caples of Wikes Barre has been drinking live human blood for more than 30 years.

To make it authentic, Caples bite into the body of a willing donor and sucks the blood. She said there was a global subculture of blood drinkers.