Blue Poison Dart Frog Bred in Laboratory

Blue Poison Dart Frog Bred in LaboratoryBlue poison dart frog is considered to be one of the rare species of frog. The frog, which is not more than 2.5 cm long, is quite poisonous. Its poison is said to be capable of killing as many as 10 people.

Study researchers from Walford and North Shropshire College have been able to successfully breed the amphibian after some unsuccessful attempts in their laboratory.

The amphibian, which is generally found in tropical forests of Costa Rica and Brazil, has certain environmental conditions without which it does not breed. Lead researcher Simon Metcalfe said that they have made attempts earlier as well, but eggs did not get converted into tadpoles.

They then realized that something is wrong in their approach. Prof Metcalfe said that they studied the environmental conditions and breeding behaviour and accordingly made adjustments in their methodology.

It was then that they were able to get the desired results. "Now all our research and effort has paid off and our first froglet was moved out of water and on to dry land, its metamorphosis now complete", said Prof Metcalfe.

He continued by affirming that it was the best time of their research process when they saw their first froglet moving out from water to static position.