Masdar for early completion of Masdar City

MasdarMasdar, a clean energy company based in Abu Dhabi said that work is still going on the Masdar City and it is continuously being monitored by the firm. The company seemed defensive on the issue following the resignation of top two executives of the company associated with the prestigious project.

The firm said that Khaled Awad, former head of Masdar City, and Ziad Tassabehji, former head of Masdar Power had already apprised the company before few months about their resignations. Meanwhile, Frank Wouters and Awad will occupy the slots vacated by Tassabehji and Alan Frost.

Commenting on the reports on ArabianBusiness. com regarding the departures of its two top executives, Masdar said, "Masdar is by definition a work in progress and all projects - especially those of a visionary nature like Masdar - require a constant process of review and evaluation."

The Abu Dhabi's ambitious $22 billion zero-emission, zero-waste, car-free city was launched four years ago as a part of Abu Dhabi's drive to improve its renewable energy credentials. It was originally scheduled to be completed by 2016. However, the firm is yet to finish its first phase.