Mindfulness Shows Potential to Reduce Stress Levels in Children

Mindfulness Shows Potential to Reduce Stress Levels in ChildrenA study conducted lately by researchers at the University of Exeter has revealed that mindfulness has the potential to ease the symptoms of depression and stress realized by schoolchildren.

It is being said mindfulness could even promote well-being amongst children. As per the findings, mindfulness is a mental training that helps in development of sustained attention, which could further change the way of thinking, feeling and acting in people.

Schoolchildren these days i. e. during the peak of the summer exam season have been facing greater levels of stress as compared to any other time in a year. Thus, researchers tried and found an effective way to deal with the same.

The team said that mindfulness-based approaches had rising evidence that these could improve health and wellbeing of adults. It has been found that interventions could do a great deal in fixing stress issues.

A few trials have shown that the strategy of intervening so as to cut stress is effective for young people as well.

"This is potentially a very important finding, given that low-grade depressive symptoms can impair a child's performance at school, and are also a risk factor for developing adolescent and adult depression", said lead researcher Professor Kuyken.