Iron Supplement in Pregnancy Boost Baby Health, Study

PregnancyIn a recent research, the team of researchers from Britain and the US has revealed that iron intake was very crucial to pregnant women as it helped to boost their baby health.

Analysis of over 90 studies of prenatal iron use and prenatal anemia suggested that iron supplement during pregnancy was very important. These studies involved over two million women.

It was learnt that the women taking iron supplement throughout their pregnancy gave birth to babies who were bigger and healthier. The World Health Organisation (WHO) suggests dose of 60mg per day for mothers-to-be.

Iron deficiency has emerged as most widespread nutritional deficiency across the globe. It has been noted to be the most common cause of anemia in gestation period, the condition that affects over 32 million pregnant women.

The analysis found that the iron use increased the mother's haemoglobin levels and lowered the risk of suffering form anemia. Also, for every 10mg increase in iron dose per day the birth weight increased by 15g while the risk of baby born with low birth weight decreased by three percent.

"Our findings suggest that use of iron in women during pregnancy may be used as a preventive strategy to improve maternal haematological status and birth weight", researchers averred.