Pew report: Internet is the third main source of news for Americans

Pew-InternetAccording to the findings of a recent survey by Pew Internet & American Life Project and the Project for Excellence in Journalism, the Internet has become the third main source of news for the Americans; nearly 60 percent of whom access news from both online and offline sources.

In more specific terms, the Pew Internet report – titled “Understanding the Participatory News Consumer” – revealed that 78 percent of Americans depend on a local television station for news; while 73 percent followed a national network or cable station; and 61 percent accessed news online.

Surprisingly, only about 50 percent of the Americans follow news by local newspapers - thereby pushing the erstwhile-most-popular news source to the fifth slot; even lower than the radio which ranked fourth in the news sources’ list.

The Pew survey, which involved 2,259 US adults, also revealed that an increasing number of Americans depend on their cell phones for news and other information. As per the survey, out of the nearly 80 percent of US adults who possess cell phones, almost 26 percent said that they get some form of news via their cell phones.

Commenting on the findings, Franklin Center – from a non-profit called Government and Public Integrity – said the study “reiterates the newfound power that online journalism organizations have in a world that is now more accepting of online news ventures.”