Google Helps Man Identify His Disease

Google Helps Man Identify His DiseaseThis was strange to discover that a man's disease could not be diagnosed even after a total of 150 visits by him to doctors. A recent report has uncovered that the father-of-one was eventually asked to Google his illness's symptoms.

Carl Holt, 34, had been suffering from constant throat pain after being on a family holiday in 2010 in July. He was then caused to undergo GP and hospital appointments for two years.

While the sales manager used to play football two folds a week, he later tended to remain tired and feel strenuous all the time. The report found that almost four-and-a-half stone was lost by him. Mr. Holt was of the opinion that he was suffering from some type of cancer.

He visited his doctor six folds in a month. But, medics could not figure out what his actual problem was. At the end of the day, when he Googled his symptoms and watched some videos on YouTube, he could discover that he was a patient of Eagle syndrome, a rare condition.

The report finds that the condition makes a ligament calcified at the throat's back or elongates a bone at the skull's base.

"People started questioning my mental health because I was always at the doctors, yet they could never find out what was wrong with me", said Stoke-on-Trent's Mr. Holt.