Germany’s State-Owned Rail Operator Rolls Back the Use of English

RailThe initiative by Deutsche Bahn will put brakes on the use of English in Germany. The campaign was launched by Germany's state-owned rail operator to roll back the use of English. Booklets of 2,200 German phrases have been issued for use instead of the corresponding Anglicisms.

This will eventually control the spread of hybrid German-English. It is also known as Denglisch. Confusing phrases are sometimes produced like "rail and fly" for a train connection to the airport.

Guidelines will have Deutsche Bahn's staff to use German wherever possible. According to a Deutsche Bahn representative, the main motive behind this is to make sure that the language used is clearly understood by customers.

"To help employees we have given them a glossary of Anglicisms so they can take a critical look at their every-day speech and put a brake on the inflationary use of English and pseudo-English", the representative said.

The Deutsche Bahn initiative is seen as a latest move towards revival of pride in the German language. There are many German hybrid words that native English speakers will not be familiar with.

The initiative is intended towards re-introduction of German into the system and to ensure that German in use adheres to grammar rules.