‘Breast Cancer Discussion’ - Way to Awareness or Increasing Fear?

‘Breast Cancer Discussion’ - Way to Awareness or Increasing Fear?While breast cancer discussions were rare some time back, with mastectomies-like therapies performed very rarely, it is now that the disease is known to all and post-mastectomy photographs are available online.

The public pressure saw the social media site, Facebook, bowing to it. Besides, the revelation of the condition by Angelina Jolie along with the surgery undertaken by her has not let the talk remain personal anymore.

But, some of the people have been wondering if the rising discussion over the deadly topic is a real help when it is about access to much-needed information about breast cancer.

The University of Minnesota's chief of surgical oncology, Dr. Todd Tuttle, said that the pendulum has probably been bending from awareness to devastating fear. However, Denise Blumberg-Tendle, from Plymouth, Minn., who is a breast cancer survivor, said that `knowledge is actually power' as the years old saying says.

The report found that breast cancer was really fatal as estimates of the American Cancer Society have shown that the same kills almost 40,000 people each year in America.

"Not everybody is ready to see something like that. When you start reading about every side effect and outcome, sometimes it's not healthy because it's almost too much information", said Blumberg-Tendle. She is working for Minnesota's Susan G. Komen affiliate.