Cancer Cases Reached a Notably Higher Level over Last Decade

Cancer Cases Reached a Notably Higher Level over Last DecadeOfficial figures have shown lately that the unhealthy lifestyles of people have resulted in a significant rise in the rates of cancer cases.

In particular, sunbathing has been held responsible for the increase in cancer cases in the past decade. It has been told that malignant melanoma cases increased more in number as compared to any other cancer type.

Malignant melanoma is the most fatal form of cancer, which mainly affects young adults. Office for National Statistics said that the reason behind the rise was partly the `choice of clothing' by people and their failure to cover themselves up in the sun. Since, the same means high exposure to harmful UV rays.

Besides, drinking and smoking-related cancers have realized a 66% rise in the number of cases during the period. Whether it was lung cancer caused by smoking or oral and kidney cancers caused by alcohol, the cases of all have gone up.

The report found that the non-melanoma skin cancer cases were also at 85,000 in number in 2011. These conditions are also triggered by sun exposure.

"These increases are considered to be due to altered patterns of behaviour in recent decades, such as a choice of clothing and recreational sunbathing", affirmed the ONS.