Plain White T-Shirt May Add to Your Attractiveness: Study

Plain-White-T-ShirtA team of researchers at the Nottingham Trent University in the UK recently carried out a study, which claimed men wearing a white tee, even if the same is plain, are more likely to attract women.

Images of male body shapes were shown to a total of 30 female participants. These men were putting on a white-coloured plain T-shirt. The women were asked to mark the perceived attractiveness along with intelligence and health.

The bodies were then again shown with erect and inverted T-illusions of different sizes and shapes on the T-shirts. It was noted by the researchers that the attractiveness and health level was increased with upright T-illusions by almost 10%.

Also, a white t-shirt, otherwise plain, but with a black letter 'T' on its face, was found to have improved the wearer's waist: chest ratio's (WCR) appearance. The WCR was a clear sign of attractiveness and masculinity to females.

The team told that inverted T-illusions caused a decline in attractiveness by the same level as the rise with upright T-illusions.

"WCR is one of just a number of body measures that humans use to judge attractiveness and health. Our ability to detect, process and use this information appears to be implicit", said psychologist Dr. Andrew Dunn.