Mental Health Nurses Decide to Go on Patrol with Police

UK-PolicePolice officers in Scarborough have thought of going on patrol for a new mental health scheme. But, after an announcement that North Yorkshire is to lead the project, nurses have also decided to join the police forces.

Chief Constable Dave Jones said the opportunity was heartily welcomed by him for participation by North Yorkshire Police in the street triage pilot.

It was lately uncovered that the first "place of safety" of the county would launch by October in Scarborough. Reportedly, it is therefore that the move is being seen.

As per the findings, the project is aimed at enhancing responses to the mental health emergencies. Also, the project has been seeking to ensure that lesser count of patients of mental health illnesses are under arrest in the wrong setting.

The new scheme is to be analyzed in the North Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Cornwall, Sussex and Devon force areas. The Home Office-supported street triage project same has been funded by the Department of Health. The project is expected to make treatment of mental health conditions quick and by health professionals and not in police cells.

"We recognize that more can - and should - be done to improve the all-round service for people with mental health issues who find themselves in contact with the police", said Jones.