Researchers Find Link between Sleep Restriction and Weight Gain

SleepA group of researchers at the University of Pennsylvania's Perelman School of Medicine has revealed after a latest study that the late a person gets into bed, the more likely he becomes to have a larger waistline.

Published in the journal SLEEP's July issue, the study involved analysis of largest ever sample of healthy adults under controlled laboratory conditions. The team noted that adults with chronic sleep restriction were more likely to put on weight. Since, they tended to take in more calories at late night while they were waking up.

The latest study was carried out at the Univ's Hospital's Sleep and Chronobiology Laboratory. It is not the first time that the association has come out to be known. Earlier studies have also shown that short sleep duration is somehow linked to weight gain and obesity.

The source of weight gain was tried to be determined if the same was a consequence of more-than-enough calorie consumption.

"We wanted to examine this in a controlled experimental study to determine whether we would observe weight gain over a short period of time when subjects were sleep-restricted", said associate professor of Psychology, Namni Goel, PhD, in Psychiatry, Division of Sleep and Chronobiology.