'Street triage' pilot schemes to launch this summer

'Street triage' pilot schemes to launch this summer With Ministers confirming that the 'street triage' pilot schemes will commence this summer, police officers and mental health nurses will patrol together to triage people in mental distress.

The 'street triage' pilot schemes - funded by the Department of Health - are being initiated as a result of the revelation that a lot of people suffering from mental conditions are being locked up instead of being provided treatment in health settings.

The schemes will chiefly have the mental health nurses assessing people on the street when they come into contact with the police. With initial trials of the schemes already proving to be successful in Leicestershire and Cleveland, they will now be tested in North Yorkshire, Devon and Cornwall, Sussex and Derbyshire.

Given the fact that Ministers have also committed to review the quality of ambulance provision in case of emergencies related to mental health, the 'street triage' pilot schemes will essentially make sure that “the right emergency service” is provided to people in mental distress.

About the 'street triage' pilot schemes, Care and support minister Norman Lamb said: “We are launching these pilots to make sure people with mental health issues get the right care, at the right time and in the right place.”