Votes in Favor of Opt-Out Organ Donation System in Wales

Organ-Donation-boxWales is all set to become the only country in the UK to introduce a system where individuals will be presumed to have granted permissions for their organs to be donate after death, provided they have not specifically objected.

Politicians voted in favor of the new system on July 2, 2013. Change in existing law will make Wales the only UK country with an opt-out organ donation system.

Health Minister Mark Drakeford referred the day as historic for Wales. He said Wales being a progressive nation is bringing a progressive policy.

During voting, 43 voted in favor of the new system, while eight were against it with two abstentions.

Kirsty Williams, leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, said, "This historic change to presumed consent will mean there are more organs available for people waiting for a transplant and that there will be fewer people dying unnecessarily".

The Conservative spokesperson on health, Darren Millar AM, said it represents a significant and controversial departure from the current system. There are also concerns over the new system that should be addressed and scrutinized appropriately.

Mr. Millar warned that it could lead to a decline in the number of organ donors. The system resulted into a fall in number of organ donors in Chile since it introduced such a system.