Children Born of First Cousins are at High Birth Defects: Research

Children Born of First Cousins are at High Birth Defects: Research Speaking on a hitherto fact that if the children are born of parents who are cousins, they may witness birth defects.  They may find themselves vulnerable to the birth defects.  The facts have been provided by researchers from UK.  They observed the health of 13,500 babies born in Pakistan between 2007 and 2011.

These researchers from UK focused on cousin marriages and found that the children born were associated with increased risk of birth defects.  It was found through the study that roughly 31% of all defects in children of Pakistani origin can be associated with marriage to a cousin.

According to Associate Professor Andrew Shelling, Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences from the University of Auckland, "For some ethnicities, cousin marriage is relatively common, and we have seen increasing numbers of these communities living in New Zealand who will have a long standing tradition of consanguinity".

The published study in the English city of Bradford on Friday in the Lancet has provided a fact that such children are at twice the risk of having birth defects.  University of Leeds investigator Eamonn Sheridan has said that three percent of children born from the marriage of first cousins come across nervous, respiratory and digestive systems, to urinary and genital defects and cleft palates.