Urine Test to Determine Kidney Transplant Reject in Patients

ASB Orders Cereal Giant Kellogg's, told to Withdraw Two Television AdsResearch report in New England Journal of Medicine has given indication about urine test to determine if the patient will reject kidney transplant. The test identifies three genetice molecules in urine to ascertain kidney transplant rejection weeks before symptoms appear.

Doctors diagnose acute cellular rejection only after symptoms appear in patients with biopsy of kidney tissue. However, the new biomarkers test of urine can detect acute cellular rejection. The research team was able to diagnose the condition in 485 kidney transplant patients and could predict the risk of rejection among them.

The urine test would offer much easier detection compared to kidney biopsy. Additionally, the biopsy can not be performed on a regular basis for detect the organ rejection before there the damage starts.

The research team found that the urine biomarker levels registered rise weeks before the organ rejection. The rise was quite steep 20 days before the rejection. The test would be good for patients' health as there isn't any chance of infection or complications due to immune system suppression.

Study co-author Rs Darshana Dadhania said that the biomarker urine test will help in improvement of life of transplant patients. The three-gene is much better than the primary blood test which checks the creatinine levels to determine kidney transplant rejection.