Overweight Thai Police to Jog to Lose Weight

Overweight Thai Police to Jog to Lose WeightBangkok policemen are now on a mission to fight obesity. Rather than focusing on crime and several other matters, their focus is on getting in shape. This mission to put in shape the potbellied policemen would start this week. It is a 12-day boot camp.

It has been reported that 60 overweight officers all across the state would be part of the program. Starting from the beginning of the day till the end, lectures about healthy living would be provided to the police at a police training center in suburban Bangkok.

The camp would be headed by a potbellied policeman, Sgt. Maj. Wanchat Phonorthong. He is a 49-year-old traffic officer who weighs 133 kilograms (293 pounds) and is six feet tall.

He said, "The school children call me 'Uncle Fat' all the time, but I don't mind. I'm more concerned about my health, because I have diabetes".

Facts show the necessity of a camp like this. Annual checkups had stated that last year in Thailand, 200,000 police officers were suffering from obesity, high cholesterol, liver problems, high blood pressure and diabetes.

It is anticipated that an initiative of this kind would help the police officers to reduce good amount of weight.