Nottinghamshire County Council Repairs Pathways in Areas Worst Hit by Obesity

ObesityThis comes as a bid to encourage the fat people in the areas to take up more walk and cycling activities. The Nottinghamshire County Council is planning to replace the damaged pathways in four areas that are having highest number of obese people.

The plans to replace the damaged were revealed today. The council said that the work will be carried out near the schools and shops of the county. The place was recently termed as Britain's obesity capital. The move is being funded by the government.

The council said that it will help in curbing the obesity epidemic from the county. Also, plans are there to reinforce the pavements. However, the idea is bagging criticism from many people though there is a chunk of people who really appreciate the efforts.

Critics are saying that the government may have invested into better ways to encourage the people to shed the weight. This according to them was wastage of money. They averred that no one was noticing the difference and people will still prefer driving instead of walking.

"The council really should have thought of a better way to spend the money, it seems like they have spent it all on the first thing they thought up", says Office administrator June Ward, from Eastwood, Nottinghamshire.