Retailers Agree to Pull the Legal High in Wake of their Ill Effects

From July 8, the retailers in Putaruru will not sell the legal highs including synthetic cannabis in wake of the ill effects of it. Putaruru is a town in Waikato.

The agreement was suggested by the local police after there was increase in number of violence by the people taking the drugs. A bill regarding the same is expected to be passed by the government this week. The bill will require the manufacturers to prove that they are safe before they sell them.

Also, the ban will forbid the sale of these substances in diaries. By this Putaruru becomes the first community in New Zealand to ban legal highs. All the three retailers in the town have agreed to stop selling the products.

Associate Health Minister Todd McClay said that rules needed to be tightened because the drugs were leading to adversities. Though he agreed that change will take another few months but said that it was important to take some step immediately.

"From a sales basis, we had good sales from it, it had a good profit margin, but it's worth it for a better community", said Rakesh Pillay from K Beez convenience store. It is expected that the Psychoactive Substances Bill will pass its final reading this Thursday.