New Proposals Aimed at Improving Care Standards for Older People

New Proposals Aimed at Improving Care Standards for Older PeopleIt has recently emerged that the government is planning to introduce some new plans to improve care standards for elderly people at risk.

The government is now asking the NHS, carers and health staff to give views for the same. These plans have been proposed by the health secretary Jeremy Hunts. Under the new plans, the government will take steps to improve access to primary care.

It was learnt that the efforts will be made to improve the services through better walk-in access and out-of-hour services. The proposals are aimed at making sure that the services being delivered to the people are consistent and safe.

Also, the new ways of sharing information are being considered. "We need radical improvements to make sure our most vulnerable and elderly have the support they need to keep them in better health and out of hospital", said Mr. Hunt.

A survey has found that most of the doctors feel that they don't have enough knowledge to aid their patients in getting access to housing support services.

The proposed changes were announced by Mr. Hunt on 65th anniversary of the NHS. The plans are aimed at improvement to integrated care. Also, they included recommendation to extend GP choice and introducing friends and family test to practices by end of 2014.