Fox Attacks Carpenter

Fox Attacks CarpenterA man, who works as a carpenter, came across a horrifying instance recently. He was attacked by a fox when he was sitting on the toilet. The 49-year-old, Anthony Schofield, saw this animal locking its jaw around his arms. After attacking him, he left the room and wandered into his abode.

He was not the only one who was attacked but also his partner and their pet cat were mauled by the animal. While describing the manner in which the carpenter was attacked, he said that the fox pushed the door through its nose and entered. In the process, he jumped from the toilet. He attacked him and then followed his partner and pet cat. According to him, fox had an unbelievable strength.

Mr. Schofield was immediately sent for treatment at a nearby hospital. He seems to be very scared with the happening. According to him, there have been a number of foxes around. After this instance, he has asked people to keep their backdoors closed so that such animals do not enter one's homes.

John Bryant, of the Humane Wildlife Deterrence Association has criticized people as they feed foxes. This is the reason, according to him, that foxes have been entering human habitations.