You can Teach Yourself to be Optimist in Seven Weeks: Researchers

You can Teach Yourself to be Optimist in Seven Weeks: ResearchersAired in a BBC documentary last night, findings of a research have suggested that our brain can be trained to become optimist in just seven weeks.

The research looked personalities of various people and tried to find out if it was possible to change them. It emerged that with help of certain mental exercises, it was possible to train the brain to look on bright side of life.

The training comprises of two simple exercises. One of these was looking at smiley and faces while the second one involved a meditation exercise for about 20 minutes. It emerged that practicing these exercises regularly can change the way in which brain works.

The meditation exercise involves sitting in a quiet place and focusing on physical sensations for 20 minutes. These may include weight of body or breathing. The other exercise requires the person to look at screen showing 15 blank or angry faces and one smiley face. Person has to spot the smiling face and click on it.

"I feel quite frankly astonished that you can notice that much change in just seven weeks. I set out to see if it was possible to change my mind", said Michael Mosley, who has suffered with chronic insomnia for the past 20 years.