Burj Dubai making and breaking records

Burj-KhalifaBurj Khalifa, the previously known as Burj Dubai, has become a major attraction in the Arab World for its splendor, unprecedented height, and cost of its construction. The World's tallest building, a key landmark of the majestic city of Dubai, is turning special for people from all walks of life.

Commenting over the magnificence of the skyscraper, Coach Vikki Rhodes, tennis coach and recent visitor to the city of Dubai expressed, "Nothing compares to the Burj Dubai."

There is no match of Burj Khalifa with the Sears Tower, Hancock Tower, the Space Needle and the Empire State Building as the tower over these landmarks in terms of height, cost and its grace.

It has seen a large number of visitors making bee line to have a glimpse of the building having 160 floors made up of four hundred and fifty thousand metric cubic tons of concrete and 31,000 metric tons of rebar.

The construction of the 2,717-foot tower, the largest ever human made structure in the World, began in January, 2004 and completed in January, 2010.