Gallstone Patient Loses Life after being ‘Refused Ambulance’

Gallstone Patient Loses Life after being ‘Refused Ambulance’Mark -Hemmings, 41, called up 999 for an ambulance, on March 29. An operator on the phone asked several questions about Mark's health.

The operator affirmed that his condition is not such that he requires an ambulance. He was having a lot of pain in his stomach, but his plea was refused by the operator as well as by an out-of-hours doctor.

After two days, Mark was taken to the University Hospital of North Staffordshire. But after 30 minutes Mark died. Investigation has been taking place and as a part of the same, a transcript of the calls has been retrieved.

As per the same, it has been unveiled that there was a time when the operator has affirmed that Mark should only for emergency ambulance when he will fell unconscious.

Mark was having gallstone problem and if a normal surgery would have been done at that time then Mark's life could have been saved.

However, a spokesman from West Midlands Ambulance service has affirmed that they have carried out an investigation. According to it, calls were handled appropriately.

"His great distress and pain is clear from the calls. He even mentions gallstones on both calls but even that didn't bring an ambulance", said Fabricator Dean of Wrenbury Crescent.